Thursday, August 28, 2014

another ufo in the works

left over hexagons

will add leaves that are faced to vine

a better view, piano key border

leaves helped define oval shape

stompers quilt

this is the quilt i finished and gave to lisa kools. Stomper loves it..Yeah

Just another started unfinished project that i am trying to finish. Must have 50 ufo's. Now that i am retired trying to finish all that i have started. (quilters penance) Most a result of moving and moving and moving.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

document 2008??

these small trifold bags were made from flannel sheets i found at st. vincent de paul i hand dyed the sheets since none had any holes or bad stains. They were wonderfully soft and in good shape. Hand embroidered with machine quilting, multiple fibers added, beads. Each one sort of developed on its own and I love making the little landscape sections. Some of these go back to 2008 ---around the time i really got into embroidery.

more documentation

this quilt was given to lisa kools and was another ufo laying around forever. i finished it in 2013 late in the summer if I remember right. i sewed scrap0s together and cut 3 inch squares for the center. 4 three inch squares make up the center blocks. It was a nice cheerful quilt. glad to have finished it!!

i babysit stomper her dog and love that little guy. Nice Nice dog. 

Have decided to continue to use this blog for documentation. Someday publish the blog in a book. Currently going through my pc and up loading what I find.

home again

took the bus home. glad to be home. Now need to keep my ADD at bay and work on getting ready to move. still waitting on the appraisal so the final contract can be signed. It will be good to start over again and not have to deal with landlords who don't care about anything except the check for rent.

wow lots to move. Will try and work on downsizing again... I am going to try and finish a few things before the move and everything gets lost again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

another started -my daughters sewing!!!

i started a quick quilt-yeah just what i need another ufo !! the blocks are quick and fun. Bought the fabric at joanne's-not the best quality but at 2.50 a yard they will serve their purpose. after all the hand sewing this has so far been a nice break.

nicole is doing fine. her stomach has given her some trouble but time and testing of foods she can eat will tell what she can tolerate and what she can't. hopefully the stomach pain will go away now that the gall bladder is gone. Incisions (4) are small and should heal well. Hopefully they will not be very noticeable.

spoke with yanko last night -things are going well and all the paper work should be done in 10 days or so. attorney is 200.00 an hour and the bill is 460.00 with more $$ to be added. for the little bit of actual work that has to be done for this it seems like a ridiculous amount to charge much less charging 200.00 an hour!!

plan on going home in a few days as there will be alot to do to move.

posting pictures of nicole's project and my new UFO. These stripes were cut 3 1/2 inches wide with a 3 1/2 square in the middle. Plan on no borders just the blocks. I really like it so far.

This is Nicoles project. Borders still need to be added. Polyester, cottons and corduroy small wale.I really like it especially the colors. We are trying to decide how to finish it. Also what batting and backing to use.

Friday, August 15, 2014

nicole's first sewing adventures

yesterday, nicole sewed on her machine. The best part it is a quilt top.

We went to joanne's and she wanted shiny fabrics and fabrics with textures in a quilt. So shopping and hunting. Spent yesterday morning sewing it together and i really like it. Pictures hopefully today and another trip to joanne's for batting and figure out the backing. I wish i was home where all the supplies are!!!

We also bought fabric on sale for 2.50 a yard which isn't the top of the line quality but will be good enough for her next effort.

She is feeling better after her surg --not sure when i will be going home maybe next week some time. Her next doctors appt. is sept 3-so she can get released to go back to work. I need to start packing etc for moving again!!!(man i hate it),

anyway will take pics and upload later today or tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ufo almost done 3-4 years

finally on the almost done path. this was started when my daughter still lived in nashville. used a limited color pallet and tried to use just basic emb stitches. It was worked on a muslin base-4 large blocks. I added the navy border thinking it would set off the 4 blocks, but did not care for it. To help the border at first thought more yo yo's to frame the blocks or more crocheted flowers. With these two thoughts in mind wound up adding the green byzantine border strips in green (idea from gwen marston). When I laid yoyo's and crocheted flowers did not work at all ---this maybe the final version.
     The backing and binding are done but it needs more buttons sewn through to the backing to hold it's shape a little better. I machine sewed lines down the major seams to secure it but still needs a little more hand work.

kentucky quilt for george

George's mother passed away -i think it was feb anyway he sent a box of fabric she owned up hoping we would make him a quilt and one for his sister. This was almost done when i came to chicago so i hope to finish it when i get home. Have to finish so packing for the move can begin.

there were pillow panels in the box so added that as a center and did simple peicing around the block. Cut up one more pillow panel for the bird in the corner . The checked border was on the pillow fabric so cut it out and used it as one of the borders. All of the fabrics except a small amount are from his mom's fabric.

Hoping to make a scrappy star or basket quilt for his sister-but that will take a bit longer. It was nice to get away from all the hand work and use my machine again.

full view of nashville ufo

full view of quilt being held up. i think it will stay like this.


on a personal note=still in chicago. Nicole had surg on the 7th no more gall bladder and hopefully her tummy and eating problems will improve. Yanko bought a house on a land contract so will be moving in october or november then i very much want to go see my dad when the move is done. will be adding a couple of photos of the nashville crazy quilt which show a better view. I had yanko hold it up to take the pictures.

nashville crazy quilt 3-4 years??

Finally getting to the end of this project. This was started in Nashville when my daughter still lived there. Bought fat quarters so the color pallet is limited. The emb stitches that were used are only 3 or 4 of the most basic stitiches. The four panels are worked on a background of muslin, layered and machine quilted down the major seams. On the border just a loose wave of quilting stitches-enough to hold the light weight batting in place.
added a serpentine border to make the outside pop a little more. looked like it needed something but wasn't sure what. I was going to add yoyo's around the emb peices or more crochet flowers but they did not look right. this maybe the final look. Now am sewing on buttons to secure the blocks to the backing, since i only quilted the major seams lines. Just needs to be a little more secure. binding done, hanger on now buttons and done...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UFO really old finally close to a finish

I have been carrying around these hexie's forever. having trouble matching the muslin so decided enough finish it into something. I was torn between just over looking the color of the scraps i was using or finishing it.
currently about 50 things to finish!! Why the guilt over all the sewing?? i inserted a small green faux cording peice on the outside net to the binding. it helped brighten it up. after it was machine quilted i decided it needed something. Started adding hexie's to the outside border so not done after all. it will take quit a few but i like it so much better with the bright fabrics added to the outside border.

still have to add feathers to green sashing on two sides--at least the quilting is almost done.

teeney, tiny ,

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added these pictures showing these very small EPT hexie's. i just love how small they are. Trying to decide how big to go. or make a small quilted peice. All blue fabric. we will see as one takes quit  bit of time. another long term project.

selvidged grandmothers flower garden. hanging over my bed. 

i soaked this in the bathtub and added a new binding. 
also repaired the back as much as i could. could not bear to throw it away.some of the flowers need mending but the back is very worn. will enjoy it for what it is.
another look at the old baby all dressed up

Monday, August 4, 2014

back wow

so surprised so much time has gone by. will try again to keep at it. ok what has been finished.

have spent alot of time with hand work and slow slow stitiching. also dressed up the ole 1230 with skins i found at walmart!! the machine that has never failed me.