Monday, July 15, 2013

Two years wool crazy

 these pictures were taken inside the house with the quilt laying over a chair. Hmmmm you think that's why the whole thing can't be seen? it was winter 2012--no way to get a decent shot. the borders are done and all the stuff in the sashings. I put it away every once in awhile--got sick of working on it. for awhile seemed like i was not getting any where.

this is a black wool background with 4 main crazy quilted blocks. The wool pieces were added and then embroidery stitches used to hold them down. when the blocks were done -embellishments were added. this idea came from the Wool Crazy book . Decided not to use many of the elements in the book and added some of my own.
 The border sashing was highlighted with pieces of wool for the stems and felt flowers from a scrap booking kit i found on clearance. The small felt flowers were tacked down and green emb floss used for the leaves. there were two sizes of felt flowers so used both. The larger ones on the outside border and the smaller one's on the inside sashing.
 the dates of 2011-2012 are on the quilt but its still not done. I sewed a  backing  on but still have not finished the outside. all the finishing stuff is going to take awhile. will have to tack the backing to the front either with little tacking stitches or buttons.
 my favorite words faith hope and charity.

 here is a little better view of the felt flowers and some of the embroidery.

 Here addition of beads that looked like flowers.

 wound up crocheting flowers for this--used crochet cotton and it took me a long time to find my crochet hooks. if i remember right it is about 72 x 72.
baskets, baskets, baskets ..Some are wool felt and some are salvaged wool from women's blazers i bought at st vincent depaul or at rummage sales. Most shops 26.00 to 38.00 a yard-WOW . most of the blazers were 50 cents or 25 cents. hope to finish this --this year 2013--then hopefully get a decent shot of it.

it is very heavy. I only used muslin as a base when i started and no batting. I have enough selvaged wool to make some more. Learned alot.

low volume blocks

 i started these three  blocks which hopefully someday  will be 9---another long term project. i managed to get three done june and and the first half of july. heavily quilted with white emb floss --two strands seems to work the best.

the florida sun is shining through the lattice. soo not really clear. OH well

here is a brief shot of the three that are done.

i have enjoyed all this handwork. my brain wants color back so have decided to put these aside and maybe in the last part of this year i will get back to them. (Hmmmmm add to the pile of ufo's at home.!!)

this morning spent time working on hexagons. have to be doing something as life in this over 55 community is pretty quiet...very glad to be spending some quality time with my dad. 87 this month.WOW i am starting to feel old and where the hell does all the time go.
lets see--my age, my mortality, my fathers age, his mortality--all way to fast....

more detail pictures of hearts

only two more weeks here in florida ,,then to chicago to see nicole and then home. wow 2 months gone..

found more pictures of detail on the heart quilt so Adding them today.