Sunday, August 24, 2014

document 2008??

these small trifold bags were made from flannel sheets i found at st. vincent de paul i hand dyed the sheets since none had any holes or bad stains. They were wonderfully soft and in good shape. Hand embroidered with machine quilting, multiple fibers added, beads. Each one sort of developed on its own and I love making the little landscape sections. Some of these go back to 2008 ---around the time i really got into embroidery.

more documentation

this quilt was given to lisa kools and was another ufo laying around forever. i finished it in 2013 late in the summer if I remember right. i sewed scrap0s together and cut 3 inch squares for the center. 4 three inch squares make up the center blocks. It was a nice cheerful quilt. glad to have finished it!!

i babysit stomper her dog and love that little guy. Nice Nice dog. 

Have decided to continue to use this blog for documentation. Someday publish the blog in a book. Currently going through my pc and up loading what I find.

home again

took the bus home. glad to be home. Now need to keep my ADD at bay and work on getting ready to move. still waitting on the appraisal so the final contract can be signed. It will be good to start over again and not have to deal with landlords who don't care about anything except the check for rent.

wow lots to move. Will try and work on downsizing again... I am going to try and finish a few things before the move and everything gets lost again.