Thursday, August 14, 2014

ufo almost done 3-4 years

finally on the almost done path. this was started when my daughter still lived in nashville. used a limited color pallet and tried to use just basic emb stitches. It was worked on a muslin base-4 large blocks. I added the navy border thinking it would set off the 4 blocks, but did not care for it. To help the border at first thought more yo yo's to frame the blocks or more crocheted flowers. With these two thoughts in mind wound up adding the green byzantine border strips in green (idea from gwen marston). When I laid yoyo's and crocheted flowers did not work at all ---this maybe the final version.
     The backing and binding are done but it needs more buttons sewn through to the backing to hold it's shape a little better. I machine sewed lines down the major seams to secure it but still needs a little more hand work.