Friday, August 15, 2014

nicole's first sewing adventures

yesterday, nicole sewed on her machine. The best part it is a quilt top.

We went to joanne's and she wanted shiny fabrics and fabrics with textures in a quilt. So shopping and hunting. Spent yesterday morning sewing it together and i really like it. Pictures hopefully today and another trip to joanne's for batting and figure out the backing. I wish i was home where all the supplies are!!!

We also bought fabric on sale for 2.50 a yard which isn't the top of the line quality but will be good enough for her next effort.

She is feeling better after her surg --not sure when i will be going home maybe next week some time. Her next doctors appt. is sept 3-so she can get released to go back to work. I need to start packing etc for moving again!!!(man i hate it),

anyway will take pics and upload later today or tomorrow.