Monday, August 18, 2014

another started -my daughters sewing!!!

i started a quick quilt-yeah just what i need another ufo !! the blocks are quick and fun. Bought the fabric at joanne's-not the best quality but at 2.50 a yard they will serve their purpose. after all the hand sewing this has so far been a nice break.

nicole is doing fine. her stomach has given her some trouble but time and testing of foods she can eat will tell what she can tolerate and what she can't. hopefully the stomach pain will go away now that the gall bladder is gone. Incisions (4) are small and should heal well. Hopefully they will not be very noticeable.

spoke with yanko last night -things are going well and all the paper work should be done in 10 days or so. attorney is 200.00 an hour and the bill is 460.00 with more $$ to be added. for the little bit of actual work that has to be done for this it seems like a ridiculous amount to charge much less charging 200.00 an hour!!

plan on going home in a few days as there will be alot to do to move.

posting pictures of nicole's project and my new UFO. These stripes were cut 3 1/2 inches wide with a 3 1/2 square in the middle. Plan on no borders just the blocks. I really like it so far.

This is Nicoles project. Borders still need to be added. Polyester, cottons and corduroy small wale.I really like it especially the colors. We are trying to decide how to finish it. Also what batting and backing to use.