Friday, August 30, 2013

downsize and organize.

got home the first week of august. time has just flown. I have switched my bed to the front room hoping to cut down on the heat and elec bills. Plan on keeping that room closed off.

so trying to clean out the room in the front of the house for a workroom/bedroom.
there just is not enough room for a separate work room.

i have way to much fabric. But am struggling on what to get rid of. sometimes i think i just need to close my eyes and fill the van and go to St. Vincents. something has got to go as I do not want to move all of this again.

so bad at organization. so then my little pea brain decided to deal with the fabric later....

got all my finished quilts. together. a pile of ufo's and a hugh container of partial started stuff.

repeat after me like things together.

have been throwing stuff in shoe boxes, metal tins etc as i worked through the years. Do we empty these . Nope Just start another one or add to an existing...Soo going through getting thread rounded up etc.

Trying to stay on track. Would rather be sewing. or doing something else. very painfull for me but need to keep at it. The hall way is filled with boxes of fabric not counting all the containers in the back room and in the basement. This is NOT quick or easy.

labor day weekend---yup more labor ........see ya

Thursday, August 8, 2013

finally home

catching up on house stuff..trying to clean, refrig, stove, floors. wow dust everywhere. feel over whelmed again with trying to reduce what I own.

also landlord raised the rent and wants a new lease signed. wow don't know what to do. this place needs so much help and the heating bills are awful.

will look around and see what is available. doing a few stitches on stuff i have started. not much else to say.

making lists again

of what

Sunday, August 4, 2013

going home

finally today i am on the last part to get home. wow been a long time over two months.

happy about seeing my son

seeing my sewing machine.

have missed sleeping with my cat.

flour, making bread, and hopefully finishing some of the major projects i have started like down sizing what i own.  bus leaves at 9:15 and home by 1:30. Hurrah

Saturday, August 3, 2013

on my way home

wow it  is august all ready. tomorrow i will finally be on the last ride home. taking the bus from chicago to oshikosh in the morning.

haven't done much this week. its hard to sew at my daughters. Lighting not very good. Not sure where the week went.

Miss seeing my dad every day and perhaps am having a big emotional let down. I need to reconcile in my mind alot of personal thoughts about ageing, mortality, and how i am currently living. The life you are given goes so fast. Wow like a tornado really. here and then gone.

Hopefully will get re-charged when i get home and finish projects. Like down sizing--mostly need to get it done and quit feeling over whelmed. (that results in doing nothing)