Thursday, August 14, 2014

nashville crazy quilt 3-4 years??

Finally getting to the end of this project. This was started in Nashville when my daughter still lived there. Bought fat quarters so the color pallet is limited. The emb stitches that were used are only 3 or 4 of the most basic stitiches. The four panels are worked on a background of muslin, layered and machine quilted down the major seams. On the border just a loose wave of quilting stitches-enough to hold the light weight batting in place.
added a serpentine border to make the outside pop a little more. looked like it needed something but wasn't sure what. I was going to add yoyo's around the emb peices or more crochet flowers but they did not look right. this maybe the final look. Now am sewing on buttons to secure the blocks to the backing, since i only quilted the major seams lines. Just needs to be a little more secure. binding done, hanger on now buttons and done...