Wednesday, July 17, 2013

tree themes

 Have always admired Ericka Carters Quilts and of course Ruth McDowell. Working in a more abstract way this came about. The fabrics are some of my hand dyes. The backing, top pieced fabrics and batting were put together and pinned. The stripes were added and the whole thing was a quilt as you go. This method worked so continued on creating the quilt sandwich and then added the top elements. I started to use yellow in the centers and then built out from there. 6 inch stripes and three inch.
 My yellow window was the start and then more stripes added on.These three were from 2009.
This is a whole cloth dyed background that had multiple shadings when it came out of the dye bath. So it became the background.

stuff worked on in florida

Went to Best Buy and bought a card reader--enough is enough. Wow it works instantly no fighting or fretting with the usb cord from the camera much less windows.
 Hand piecing hexagons--these are just sort of an on going project. one of these years maybe I will have a whole quilt.

 Have been trying to do one flower each day--by the time i get back to Wisconsin these will be put away again. UFO's Ufo's Ufo's--
 Took some pictures of the three low volume pieces I finished won here. I spoke about them in another post.

recycled wool prison blankets

 I have a embellisher machine and started messing around with wool and yarns. Using a cotton batting as a base different yarns and wool roving  were added for texture. Additional embroidery was done over the surface to create these mini landscapes. This piece is very heavy and a nice way to use up what was thrown away.
The camera card did not have any close ups?? will have to add some at a later date. Beading was added to the organic tree structure. When this was close to completion additional pearl cotton quilting was added so the backing would be tacked down.
After I get back will have to get some close up's.