Sunday, July 14, 2013

low key low volume color

 this is another peice made with a muslin background then stitched with two strands of embroidery thread.
elements added. trying to keep this in muted tones with very little color. Also put a bird on it---idea from all the wonderfull quilter blogs that are out there in data land.
 this shows some of the stitching. circles are the traced circle from a spool of thread. reverse applique.
i still have to add elements to the borders. probably another year of stitching but no hurry on this one. i wonder how many skeins of white emb thread this will take .....Lots!!!
started this in jan or feb of 2012...seems i always work on forty things at a time. i put the different sections together. Pressed muslin to the back of the border fabric ---machine stitched the borders on.

on this one i sewed on strips of fabric to cover the seams on the back. will see how that works out??