Sunday, July 14, 2013

hearts from strangers

 working on the sashing. after adding the backing i am using stitching to attach the front to the back. also have been sewing on red buttons instead of random ties to hold the backing to the front.

close up of two strands of emb floss

this picture seems a little blurry. this was started in 2012 with 4 main panels. each was composed and stitched separately.
this all began after reading Judd Hill's spirit cloth blog. making quilts or small peices for the sake of stitching and staying away from the old school quilting rules.
Never made a heart quilt. Hearts too sweet, too smoozy so used them here. fabric used as is raw edges and all-yeah the fraying stops after kanthra stitches are added. the large borders are two layers of fabric --except those i did add by machine and also did some rows of stitching to help attach the back and front.

Other things.
hope to use this blog to document all the sewing, quilting i have done. need to get pictures of things and make a history. should take a long time.....