Friday, April 24, 2015

updating post

has been along time and everyday i think about making sure to add to this quilting blog. habits and making sure i follow a schedule. ok try try again. adding pictures today about what i have been doing.

since the move in november not sure where all the time has gone. the absolute move from hell. wisconsin weather went crazy and we had 5 degree tempertures and snow and ice. i slipped on the front steps several times because of snow -lucky i did not get hurt. fell a couple of times--at the end of november we finally got everything moved. december flew by just trying to do move recovery.

have to get rid of stuff. most everything went in the basement so slowly slowly going through. no heat down there so ran a small heater so the water pipes would not freeze. so not alot got done. the weather is warming but i get so darn cold and then it takes forever to warm up.

the last couple of weeks took all the quilt tops i have collected and brought them upstairs. started finishing some of them and have really enjoyed seeing something getting finished. wow i must have 50 quilts to finish. the good news won't be moving again. have room now to get back to it.
simple machine quilting down the seam lines

30's fabrics -what a riot of color

most of these tops i paid 25.00 to $30.00 for makers unknown

adore the variety of 30's fabrics

captures the cat living under the house. much improved.
He was under the house for 9 months. i was lucky enough to catch him right  a day before the november cold snap. lots of hair gone, dirty, fleas hungry and a mess. he hid behind the bathtub for the first month. treated him for fleas and ticks and ear mites. finally he came out a little during the second month. he ate and ate and ate-i am sure he would of froze to death over the winter or starved to death. wow now you would not believe what a nice cat he is. still no name but what a lover boy!
seven sisters pattern really small pieces. still a water stain after washing.
figured i needed to finish some of these and enjoy them. right or wrong as far as the finishing. they all have a "charm about them".
love all the fabrics even within each star.

here you can see a bit of the stain. still like it.
i washed this after i finished quilting in cold water and woolite. wool batting.
machine quilting with simple meander.
here you can see the stain-also removed navy blue and green knots-must have been tied at one time. even a badly machine quilted quilt to me is better than tying.

i spy internet trading. sewing them as they arrive.

my hexagons -hung it up to enjoy it and study the geometry

30's scrap hexagon. wow the fabrics.

ugly or wonderful??

the blue flower print is used alot 

the red polka dot is a ribbed fabric not sure what it is.

loose meander quilting.

the pink is a satin. 

the maker has one complete flower-must have been an accident!

i enjoyed watching this wonky loud 30's fabrics come to life.