Wednesday, October 8, 2014

two posts this morning

uploaded the pictures on my camera still have alot to learn on how blogger works but getting there. below on the other post are pictures of the ufo's i am finishing and working on.

The embroidery and embellished quilt is being worked on off and on.
The fabric is hand dyed flannel sheets from a local nursing home. Doing a landscape type-hope to get it done soon as I started in last november.

Joanne's had a sale on quilt bats so I am going to try warm and naturals new bat that is polyester and feels similar to warm and natural. Want to see how it machine quilts and if it is a little more puffier. The package claims it is easy to use and stitch on....we will see!

Joined a hexagon group on facebook and have been seeing some wonderful work. At least one hexagon quilt is done. I could not match the muslin used in it and started to hate all the different shades of white. Made the decision to finish up what I had done. Of course, I started another.

I keep running outside as a full moon eclipse is underway really something. A red moon!!

working on packing moving to the house in November. The people downstairs have a lease until november 5th, lets hope they leave sooner. Moving this time of year is tricky-winter is knocking on the door. So hope to get a few of these done before the move so I don't lose all the parts and pieces.

The book pages I photographed were just some more examples of hexagons. I have had this book forever and still am impressed with the quilts. Some of these look like they were made this year! Hard to believe they are as old as they are. In blog land many newer "modern quilters" should shout out whats old is new again!"