Tuesday, July 16, 2013

documenting whats on my camera

Finally got all my pictures uploaded into a file. all of the posts below this are whats on the card. hopefully my son will be happy. He has been after me to document them all. I leave here on the 27th of July so will continue to add to this new blog and try and include as much information as i can. There are alot of quilts etc at home that I may or may not have pictures of. there is another camera card at home.

The big project will be pictures and documentation of all the stuff at home. Hoarders here I come. Have been trying to downsize or is it organize my stuff. Wow-too much. Have been doing a few boxes at a time to St. Vincents but have a long way to go.get to feeling over whelmed and a little amazed when I try to organize the stuff.

Big decisions with books and fabric. Jude Hill is right --approach should be one half--if I keep that in mind hopefully I can actually do something about the mess.

I do make many different styles so downsizing the fabric part is sheer agony. Inside I know I can never use up all of it...But with personal finances at an all time low grateful for every last inch.

Chant of the day---close your eyes , turn brain off and pack up....